Oxygen Energizing, Revitalizing & Firming Concentrate with Oxyforce™ Cellular Active 40ml

Supports natural collagen production, helps reduce the appearance of wrinkle depth and enhances the appearance of skin smoothness.

This dermatologist tested formula leverages the oxygen delivery benefits of OxyForce™ Cellular Active to nourish the skin. Improved cellular energy leads to revitalized, firmer, and more elastic skin. The firming and lifting effect is further enhanced by Matrixyl™ 3000 and Argireline™.

OxyForce™ Cellular Active replenishes oxygen levels in the skin, which diminishes with age. Innovative technology improves the absorption of oxygen in the skin, providing energy to the skin cells to support natural collagen production. 

 Key Ingredients:

OxyForce™ Cellular Active, MDI® Complex, Matrixyl™ 3000 and Argireline™. 

This product is formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan.

Directions: Twice daily, apply a thin layer to clean face and neck.


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Customer Reviews

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Love it

A vital component of my skincare routine, this serum consistently produces remarkable outcomes. Its profound and enduring hydration revitalizes my skin, while its regenerative attributes visibly enhance its texture. Gradually, I've noticed a subtle lifting effect. With its effortlessly absorbed lightweight formula that leaves no trace, this concentrate has firmly cemented its place as an essential. I strongly advocate for it to anyone in search of multifaceted skincare with tangible results!

Highly recommend this serum

An indispensable part of my skincare regimen, this serum consistently delivers exceptional results. Its deep and long-lasting hydration rejuvenates my skin, while its regenerative qualities visibly improve texture. Over time, I've observed a subtle lifting effect. The lightweight formula effortlessly absorbs, leaving no trace behind. This concentrate has firmly secured its spot as a skincare essential, and I highly endorse it for anyone seeking multi-functional skincare with tangible outcomes!


I was so excited to finally get my hands on this serum to try it. Referred by a skin care professional. My skin is very dry and I have to say after to trying it out for a few weeks I get the hype. My face has had a difference. Definitely going to keep using!

Highly recommend this

An essential in my skincare ritual, this serum consistently delivers outstanding results. The deep and long-lasting hydration breathes life into my skin, and its regenerating properties visibly refine its texture. Over time, a subtle lifting effect has become noticeable. With its lightweight formula that absorbs seamlessly, leaving no residue, this concentrate has firmly established itself as a must-have. I highly recommend it for those seeking skincare with multiple benefits and visible results!

Superior quality & performance

A vital component of my skincare routine, this serum consistently provides remarkable results. The profound and enduring hydration revitalizes my skin, and its regenerating properties visibly enhance texture. I've noticed a subtle lifting effect over time. The lightweight formula seamlessly absorbs, leaving no residue. This concentrate has earned its place as a must-have, and I strongly recommend it for those in search of multi-benefit skincare with visible results!