Active Ingredients

A key component of Advanced Skincare products are their active ingredients.
Explore our ingredient list below to find out which Skin Management System™ products work best on your skin.

AA2G (Ascorbyl Glucoside) is hydrolyzed by a-glucosidase, an enzyme present in the membrane of skin cells. This process releases vitamin C in its natural active form. When vitamin C enters cells it results in significant well-documented biological responses. AA2G has been demonstrated to be hydrolyzed over a prolonged period giving its benefial physiological effects to the cells and tissues in a constant and sustained manner.

Argireline’s main function is to treat dynamic wrinkles. When applied, it works to reduce the formation of new wrinkles by keeping facial muscles from contracting. By doing this, it also reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles that are already present. Wrinkles that are visible when smiling or frowning become less noticeable.

Delentigo® is a combination of an extract of Swiss garden cress sprouts that are rich in sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant phytonutient, and Genistein, the biologically active form of the most abundant soy isoflavone. These two active substances are incorporated into separate liposomes. This combination creates an even skin tone, visibly reduces age spots, and prevents photo-aging and dark spots.

Matrixyl 3000 is a synergistic combination, containing two new peptides, palmitoyl-tripeptide and palmitoyl-oligopeptide. The  benefits of such combination are greater than if each peptide were independent of each other.  They work to mimic the appearance of broken down collagen, causing your skin to react by producing more collagen, as well as elastin. 

Metabiotics Resveratrol™ is a biotechnological ingredient obtained through the fermentation of the small molecule, resveratrol, with the microorganism, Picha pastoris. It is ideal for anti-aging, reduction in inflammation, promoting firming and rebuilding DEJ structural integrity and ultimately ameliorating the visible signs of aging. 

MDI Complex™ is a marine glycosaminoglycan that inhibits the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzymes that degrade and destroy the skin's collagen network. MDI Complex enhances also the skin barrier function to providing a better skin resistance to acute physical damage. 

Neodermyl® has been awarded the Gold prize at the In-Cosmetics’ 2013 Best Ingredient Award competition. It has been recognized by international commitee of skin care scientists and researchers to be the “needle-free” collagen and elastin filler.
Clinical studies show that Neodermyl shows the same efficacy in 2 weeks as a needled injection of collagen by a plastic surgeon: -15% wrinkles depth reduction.
Hyaluronic Acid plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture (1000 ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid). It can also adjust its moisture absorption rate based on the humidity of the climate. Skin moisture can drop significantly as we age, which makes the skin lose elasticity and expose the signs of aging on the skin. 

PhytoCellTec Nunatak is the latest stem cell active based on stem cells which come from the high alpine plant Saponaria Pumila. This flower survived the last ice age by growing on ice-free mountain peaks, which are known as Nunataks. The distinctive survival characteristics of Saponaria pumila are still preserved in their stem cells. Saponaria pumila stem cells can maintain the renewal potential of the dermal stem cells despite environmental stress.

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica are Swiss apple stem cells rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, which ensures the longevity of skin cells. PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica has been shown to protect skin stem cells while also delaying the senescence of hair follicles. PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica succeeds in delivering a revolutionary anti-aging performance for real rejuvenation.  The PhytoCellTec™ technology, which was recognized at the UN Conference Rio+20 as an Eco breakthrough, delivers a highly sustainable sourcing of this active.

PhytoCellTec™ Symphytum is based on stem cells from comfrey roots. Comfrey is an old medicinal plant known for its healing properties. It has clearly been shown to boost the regenerative power of epidermal stem cells and their ability to build new tissue. Indeed, even in pro-aging conditions, PhytoCellTec™ Symphytum has been proven to increase the thickness of the epidermis (+ by 88 %), resulting in a healthy, supple skin with an improved barrier function.

REGU-AGE PF is a unique, high performing paraben-free complex that protects and strengthens the delicate skin under the eyes. It visibly reduces the appearance of under-eye dark circle and eye puffiness. Clinical studies confirm an improvement of the skin texture by more than 30% in only 4 weeks.

Resveratrol key effects are anti-wrinkle and lifting actions, skin smoothing, enhancing skin tone and boosting collagen IV, an essential component of the dermal-epidermal junction. It also possesses anti-inflammatory action.

28 Day Results MetabioticsTM Resveratrol
Anti Aging Serum in Toronto

Salicylic acid
 is one of the most important treatments for acne or oily skin. It is an exfoliant ingredient that can help remove redness and inflammation as it opens pores. Gently removing dead skin does more than just open pores. Salicylic acid increases cell turnover, making the skin grow faster. It increases collagen production, filling in indentations in the skin and making it less “floppy.” It can also help to remove discoloration from the skin.


Whitessence is a strong natural lightening agent extracted from Asian nangka (jackfruit) seeds. The specific proteins of Whitessence (mainly jacalin and artocarpin) inhibit the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes. The decrease in the melanin quantity at the surface of the skin provides a significant clear and unified complexion and skin lightening after 2 months. The appearance of age spots and areas of age spots and areas of hyperpigmentation are also reduced.

Snow Algae Powder is a high performing active that not only offers a novel and sustainable technology, but also a totally new anti-aging approach by mimicking the effects of the caloric restriction process, thus increasing the longevity of skin cells. It rejuvenates and protects skin at a cellular level while reinforcing, smoothing, and hydrating the skin.