Instant & Gradual Lightening Complex 60ml

An innovative lightening complex helps brighten age spots instantly, lightens the skin over time, renews your complexion and promotes a clear and translucent appearance.

B-White™ is a TGF-B biomimetic peptide used for better skin penetration and continuous release in the skin. Bwhite decreases both the constitutive and facultative pigmentation pathways allowing optimal and significant whitening and lightening effect even on Asian skin. By decreasing tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis, B-White provides a progressive brightening effect for a more uniform complexion and reduced the appearance of pigmented spots after only 28 days.

O.D.A White™ is a skin brightening ingredient with a new mechanism of action, inhibiting the entire metabolic pathway of melanin synthesis from the nucleus of the melanocyte. By reducing the level of tryosinase mRNA, tyrosinase and melanin production is decreased. It provides skin brightening by helping to reduce melanin synthesis. Octadecenediodic acid is obtained by biofermentation from natural and vegetable oleic acid.

Key Ingredients:

B-White™, O.D.A White™, and AA2G®.

This product is formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates, GMOs and Triclosan.

    Directions: Use twice daily, apply a thin layer to clean face and neck.

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    Category: Dry, Normal, Sensitive

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    Customer Reviews

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    Love it

    As a Japanese woman living overseas, I am absolutely thrilled with this brightening cream! It gives my skin an instant radiant glow, and with consistent use, it elevates brightness to new heights. It offers the perfect combination of immediate results and long-lasting radiance. Applying the cream is a breeze, it feels luxurious without any hint of dryness, and I adore how it enhances the luminosity of my skin. For anyone in search of a cream that provides both instant gratification and continual improvement, this is the one to go for! I highly recommend it!


    The Instant & Gradual Lightening Complex is essential in my skincare routine, offering dual benefits. Its special formula instantly brightens and gradually lightens skin over time. The lightweight, quick-absorbing texture is deeply moisturizing and has visibly reduced my dark spots while enhancing my skin tone. I highly recommend this complex for anyone aiming for a radiant complexion. It's particularly suitable for normal to dry skin, especially when used with a brightening serum underneath.

    Provides immediate coverage

    An essential component of my skincare regimen, the Instant & Gradual Lightening Complex delivers dual advantages. Its distinctive formula offers immediate brightening effects while gradually lightening skin tone over time. The fast-absorbing, lightweight yet deeply moisturizing texture has visibly reduced my dark spots and enhanced overall skin tone. For anyone aiming for a luminous complexion, I wholeheartedly endorse this complex for its efficacy and versatility in brightening. Highly recommended for east Asian women who are seeking to achieve a lighter complexion.

    Love this product

    In my skincare routine, the Instant & Gradual Lightening Cream has truly changed the game. The effects are swift yet gentle, resulting in visibly lighter skin. A must-have for achieving a radiant complexion. Highly recommended!


    A crucial part of my skincare routine, the Instant & Gradual Lightening Complex offers dual benefits. Its unique formula provides instant brightening and gradual lightening over time. The quick-absorbing, lightweight but highly moisturizing texture has visibly diminished my dark spots and improved skin tone. For those seeking a radiant complexion, I highly recommend this complex for its effective and versatile brightening properties!