Epigenetic Science and Skin Management System by Dr. Strauss

October 17, 2019

Research & development of skin care products is on the brink of profound change. Twenty years ago, alpha hydroxy acids burst on the scene and kicked off a new era in skin treatment products. A decade ago, it was peptides and beauty from within. But where is the next big trend?

Now may be the time for epigenetics to become the new paradigm. With our deep understanding of epigenetic science, the time has come for scientists involved in beauty product development to brush up on DNA.

Exciting stuff, but is this science fiction or a scientific breakthrough? Let's find out.

All cells in your body have the same genome. Different genes are activated or deactivated at different times. And this can happen as a result of external or environmental effects. This is where the science of epigenetics comes in. Epigenetics describes the physiological reprogramming that occurs in the cell without actually changing the DNA sequence. Scientists are becoming very interested in the effects of epigenetics on aging. Happy for us, the skin is easily studied since it is visible and so it is getting a good deal of attention from epigeneticists.

Inspired by epigenetic science, RoyalEpigen P5 has been designed to delay the aging of skin. Both lifestyles and environmental factors have an impact on the epigenome of skin cells and thus influence their vitality. This revolutionary ingredient is based on a biologically active peptide that mimics the function of royalactin. Recently, this protein has been discovered in royal jelly as being responsible for the epigenetic programming of queen bees.

The peptide is formulated in a soft sphere carrier system to ensure bioavailability and the best skin regeneration results.

RoyalEpigen P5 accelerates epidermal regeneration for smoother skin, activates the cellular cleaning process and reveals a more evenly toned skin.

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Skin Management System by Dr. Strauss

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