ProBioBalance CLR™ NP – Healthy nutrition for the skin

February 14, 2023

ProBioBalance CLR™ NP – Healthy nutrition for the skin

ProBioBalance CLR™ NP consists of postbiotic bifido cultures, suspended and disintegrated in a biologically active milk-based matrix. It supplies the skin cells with nutritive elements and allows for the activation of detoxification processes. The metabolic activity of skin cells is increased, the skin’s immune system strengthened and protected against environmental stress.

Skin benefits

  • Supplies the skin with essential nutrients
  • Induces detoxifying waste recycling processes inside skin cells
  • Stimulates the skin on the cellular level
  • Strengthens and protects the skin’s immune system
  • Makes the skin more resistant against external stresses


  1. Supply with nutritive elements

Nutrients supplied to keratinocytes are digested by lysosomes after endocytosis. ProBioBalance CLR™ NP supplies keratinocytes with vital nutrients, activating lysosomal activity (1). The metabolic activity of keratinocytes is increased.

  1. Activation of cellular detox process and waste recycling

Toxic cellular waste can be disposed of and made available for reuse by autophagy. In this process autophagosomes, containing cellular waste, fuse with lysosomes, allowing for its digestion. LC3B serves as a marker for monitoring autophagosome development. ProBioBalance CLR™ NP promotes an increase in LC3B, indicating that it activates autophagy and, therefore, cellular detox processes, waste disposal and reuse.

  1. Increase in resistance against external stresses

Defined skin areas were treated with SDS to induce redness. Decrease in redness was then recorded for skin areas treated twice daily with 5% ProBioBalance CLR™ NP. On Day 9 the SDS treatment was repeated and the development of skin redness recorded. ProBioBalance CLR™ NP was both shown to reduce the visible signs of skin irritation, and the skin was clearly more resistant against external stresses compared to untreated and placebo.

ProBioBalance CLR™ NP has been applied in multiple Skin Management System products. 

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