Skinmimics® Pro MB - Powerful combination of long chain Ceramides and bioactive Ceramides

December 24, 2023 1 Comment

Skinmimics® Pro MB - Powerful combination of long chain Ceramides and bioactive Ceramides

SKINMIMIC™ - A premium solution for healthy aging

Benefits at a glance:

• Powerful combination of 7 Ceramides in a modern emulsifier system without listed preservatives.

• Combining skin identical long chain Ceramides with short chain bioactive Ceramides unfolds a product perfectly suitable for aging skin.

• Improved barrier function from within and regeneration by activation of the skin’s natural water management system • Modern, alternative preservation system.

Due to demographic changes the amount of people aged 50 years or older will increase significantly in the upcoming years. This leads to a strong demand for skin care products addressing the specific needs of this population.

Aging skin is characterized by a reduced cell metabolism which results in a defective skin surface leading to moisture loss and dry skin accompanied by a loss of elasticity and increase of wrinkled appearance. With utilization of SKINMIMICS® technology, we offer multilamellar dual action lipid blends based on skin identical Ceramides. It combines skin identical long chain Ceramides with bioactive short-chain Ceramides (SPHINGOKINES®), vegetable cholesterol and behenic acid. The Ceramides are based on Evonik’s Ceramide expertise: the necessary Ceramide building blocks (phytosphingosine and sphingosine) are produced by a fermentative process, which yields the skin identical Ceramide stereochemistry. Recognizing the specific needs of aging and especially mature skin, the SKINMIMICS® product range is specially designed to support the healthy aging of skin. SKINMIMICS® PRO MB is a next generation of our SKINMIMICS® technology, embedding the Ceramides in a modern, natural derived, multilamellar formulation chassis. 

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Suzanne Brandon
Suzanne Brandon

February 04, 2024

I have been using this professional product for several years now and without a doubt it has kept the aging process from advancing.. I’m turning 73 in a few short weeks and when people guess my age, they rarely go beyond 55 years of age. I’m Thrilled with the result this product delivers.

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