How can we get a natural healthy and sun-kissed glow, all year round?

October 24, 2020

How can we get a natural healthy and sun-kissed glow, all year round?

We all love that natural sun-kissed glow that we get from a summer holiday. Naturally bronzed skin makes us feel beautiful and confident, healthier and revitalized. But a summer break only comes around once a year, and in the meantime, our busy everyday lives can leave us feeling tired, and our skin looking dull. Quick-fixes, like make-up or self-tanners, are only superficial, and sometimes even artificial. What if we could have something that works with skin, not just on it? 

Beauty standards have also evolved towards a more natural effect, moving away from deep tanning. With a just back from holiday look, people feel more youthful, beautiful & confident enough to wear less make-up.

SYN-GLOW™ is the new glow-boosting synthetic skin peptide ingredient that works with the skin to bring out its natural healthy glow, all year round, as if you are just back from holiday!

We have now developed a completely new cosmetic formulation with DSM's small cosmetic peptide ingredient, proven to provide exceptional efficacy on human skin after topical application. Registered significant, visible long-lasting effects, for a healthy glowing appearance. Based on the scientific evidence,  SYN-GLOW™ is proven to activate in vitro the Melanocortin 1 Receptor (MC1R), the master regulator of natural skin pigmentation. From a library of >100 peptides, SYN-GLOW™ shows the best activation efficacy. MC1R is a very interesting target not only due to its effect on skin tone, but also because MC1R modulates skin’s defenses against oxidative stress (normally caused by UV irradiation), and enhances the DNA repair machinery of the cells to fight against UV-induced DNA damage. 

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