Biotechnology Advancements and Their Implications in the Cosmetic Industry: Part I – Skin Management System by Dr. Strauss

October 17, 2019

Biotechnology Advancements and Their Implications in the Cosmetic Industry: Part I – Skin Management System by Dr. Strauss

Initially cosmetic skin care products were not based on research which proved efficacy, but rather on superficial adornment, in which consumers merely hoped that a product would improve their appearance. But as science and technology developed to benefit fields in medicine and pharmaceuticals, this also opened new doors for the cosmetic industry, and gave rise to the production of cosmeceuticals.

Research has allowed us to acquire a greater understanding of skin physiology, and the biological mechanisms behind skin aging processes. With biotechnological advancements the development of cosmeceuticals containing active ingredients, with clinically proven effects on the skin has become a reality. Now consumers no longer need to take a leap of faith when choosing products, and can instead be confident in the efficacy of cosmeceuticals that are backed by scientific research and clinical evidence.

Biotechnology advancement is also responsible for ensuring safety of ingredients and more environmentally sustainable product production. Clinical studies provide insight to not only efficacy of products, but also safety profiles and recommended usage of a product. It is also now possible for fewer resources to be used when manufacturing the active ingredients, and innovative technology can allow us to better extract cellular components from plant cells.

In our blogs we highlight various active ingredients that contribute to the efficacy of Skin Management System by Dr. Strauss. New peptide engineering has allowed for modification of peptides which can better penetrate the skin and target specific physiologic properties. Matrixyl®3000 and Argireline® are great examples of biotechnological advancements that have benefited peptide technology and cosmetic product efficacy. PhytoCellTec® ingredients rely on sophisticated technology in order to obtain stem cell plant extracts in a sustainable manner. Biotechnology advancement in general has provided better ways to produce and obtain active ingredients, specifically engineered compounds for optimal efficacy, and proper stabilization in order to preserve their efficacy once incorporated into cosmeceutical products.

Most importantly as science and technology continue to progress at an accelerated rate, Skin Management System by Dr. Strauss will continue to keep up with the most current active ingredients to further improve the efficacy of our products. We dedicate ourselves to following biotechnological and scientific advancements in order to provide the most innovative and effective skin care possible.

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